It’s Not ‘Just the Carpet’

Many water damage pros have been called by good people just like you who need help “just sucking up the water from the carpet.” This can be water from an overflowing sink, toilet, maybe a washing machine that got a little ambitious during the spin cycle… or it could be from something more serious, like a broken water pipe or roof damage from a storm. No matter what, some homeowners only see and think about the squishy carpet and don’t know about all those other areas in the home where water has affected it. That kind of thinking can get you into a lot of trouble.
While water can just damage the carpet, it usually goes other places as well… such as down the register vents into floors below, behind baseboards and then under the walls and then up the drywall, into other rooms, under furniture that you never move, and into all kinds of other areas. It can also gwater-damageet into wood floors you thought were watertight, creating all kinds of very expensive problems if you don’t get it all dried out quick. Sucking up the water is just part of the job. Detecting where the moisture went is important, as well as using professional tools and drying equipment to reach those areas and get them like they were before — bone dry, and safe for your family. Calling your water damage pro immediately and then listening to his expert advice is something smart consumers (just like you) must do when water causes damage to your home. If you wait too long, you invite a host of difficulties, such as mold and odors that are challenging to remove. Remember, it’s not “just the carpet” — it can be other areas of your home as well. Don’t take a chance. Call your water damage pros at Regency DRT.