Emergency Fire Damage Restoration – 24 Hours A Day!

When a fire damages your home or business, expert fire damage restoration is required to get fully restore your property to pre-loss condition and ensure the safety of future occupants. Regency Disaster Response Team is a leading fire damage restoration company and has experience cleaning and restoring all sizes and types of fire disasters.

Fire damage restoration is a complex job and often involves restoring damage from fire, smoke, soot, AND water! Homes and business can suffer significant structural damage, surface damage, and damage to your valuable and sentimental belongings. With Regency DRT, you can expect high-quality fire and smoke damage restoration services that will help you get your life back to normal as quickly and safely as possible!

Smoke And Soot Cleanup And Removal

Lingering smoke and soot can cause much more damage than you’d expect. Smoke embeds into the fibers of your home and deep within the porous surfaces of the structure. If smoke is left for too long, it can be next to impossible to remove. Smoke and soot both extend throughout your property, collecting in and damaging spaces never touched by the flames. Professional fire damage restoration technicians at Regency DRT are trained to know exactly where smoke and soot collect and how to remove it the right way so that they do not cause permanent damage.

The longer smoke and soot are allowed to sit, the more extensive the damage becomes and the harder it is to repair. Even if your property suffered a small fire that seems insignificant, smoke and soot are still elements that you do need to worry about.

Emergency Restoration By Qualified Experts – Call Regency DRT

Regency DRT is certified and insured by the IICRC to perform emergency fire damage restoration and smoke and soot removal and cleanup. Trying to clean up after a fire disaster is a big job that requires skill, attention to detail, and knowledge that only comes from experience. Regency DRT has been performing fire damage remediation for nearly 30 years and has the right type of qualifications to handle any size of fire disaster.

Our experts arrive on-scene quickly with industry-level equipment and superior skills that our competitors cannot match. Do not rely on a company that does not offer top-level fire damage restoration. Your property is an asset and needs to be protected. Regency DRT is committed to providing the ultimate customer experience along with premium services that are uncomparable!

Types Of Fire Damage We Can Restore

Kitchen Fires

Fires commonly start in kitchens due to the many hazards present. Grease fires from an unattended pan can engulf a property in flames within minutes.

Act fast and call our fire restoration team if you have been affected by a kitchen fire.

Electrical Fires

Faulty household appliances, old breaker boxes and improper house wiring or outlet usage are common causes of electrical fires.

If your home or business has suffered an electrical fire, call us today for fire damage repair and home restoration.

Heater Fires

Space heaters can be a great resource for comfort during colder months, but you must use caution. They are a fire hazard, but features like automatic shut-off can reduce the risk.

Call us today for smoke or fire damage restoration.

Service Areas

If you need help restoring your property after fire damage, the Regency DRT team is ready to assist you. With extensive experience handling fire damage repair and smoke damage restoration in Florida and Austin, TX, we have the training and the tools to restore your property.

Our service areas include:

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