Expert Mold Removal Services

If you discover mold or suspect mold growth in your home or business, call Regency Disaster Response Team right away. Mold can damage the integrity of the structure of your building and cause health problems for your family or employees. Regency DRT is certified and insured in premium mold removal and restoration. We are experienced and educated in the proper removal of mold spores and how to successfully remediate mold.

Mold stems from a moisture issue in your building. Regency DRT has state-of-the-art equipment and advanced mold removal process to identify the source of the mold issue and remediate it so that the risk of future mold growth is significantly reduced.

Regency DRT’s team of certified mold remediation professionals are your local experts for mold removal. We perform mold inspections and mold remediation (mold removal), and offer a higher level of professionalism to the mold remediation industry.

What To Expect When You Choose Regency DRT For Your Mold Remediation


It can be difficult trying to choose a mold remediation team when you are not sure what to expect from a qualified mold remediation company. Along with certification, experience, communication, and integrity, you can expect the following from the professionals at Regency DRT:

  • Prompt And Immediate Attention
  • A Full Inspection And Assessment Of The Problem
  • Identification Of The Source Of The Mold
  • Extensive Measures To Contain And Limit Further Growth
  • Water Cleanup, Drying, Mold Removal, Repairs, And Complete Restoration

Why DIY Is NOT Okay!

Professional mold remediation is vital to the health of your property and the occupants inside. When mold is discovered, do not rely on store-bought chemicals and agents to get rid of the mold. These chemicals can be harsh on your building and will not effectively get rid of the mold. Surface mold is often just an indicator of an underlying problem. The source of the mold must be identified and eradicated to prevent future damage and growth.

Mold is often very mysterious and can spread to places that are easily missed and unnoticed. Professional mold remediation technicians at Regency DRT know where to look for mold, how to find the immediate source of the mold growth, and how to successfully contain it. Mold can be dangerous and it is best to leave the removal to the experts.

Signs Your Property Has a Mold Problem

Signs that you need mold removal services can vary. The most common red flag is visible mold growth. If you see mold on walls, in crawl spaces or other areas of your property, remediation is necessary.

Another indication of mold is an intense, musty odor. Past situations with water damage from excessive moisture or humidity can cause mold growth. If you’ve experienced any of these conditions in your home or business, there’s a good chance mold is present.

When you suspect mold in your property, the first step is to seek help from mold remediation companies in Florida.

What You Should Know About Black Mold

While mold comes in many colors, the most concerning type is black mold. It’s found primarily in damp, warm humid areas with poor ventilation, such as basements or attics. Black mold has toxins that can cause serious health problems if inhaled or touched.

It’s vital to seek mold remediation services immediately to avert its spread.

Common Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure Include

Medical professionals associate several symptoms with black mold exposure, such as:

  • Eye irritation
  • Coughing
  • Fatigue
  • Sneezing
  • Rashes
  • Nose and mouth irritation

Long-term exposure to black mold can lead to respiratory illnesses, vomiting, nausea and bleeding from the nose and lungs from extensive irritation. Never ignore black mold or try to remove it yourself. It requires specialized removal techniques with a mold cleaning service.

Where Does Mold Grow?

Knowing where mold can thrive can help you to prevent it from spreading and becoming a serious health issue. Some of the most common places you can find mold in your home or business are in the following areas:


The bathroom is one of the most mold-prone areas in your home because of excess moisture. Mold can grow behind the shower, on bathroom walls and floors or under the sink.


If your basement has leaks, mold can quickly grow in the cracks and seep into your home. Besides mold removal, mold remediation companies in Florida can help improve the ventilation of your basement and prevent mold from reoccurring.

Crawl Spaces

Mold can grow under floors and in the insulation, which can compromise the integrity of your home. Ventilation in your crawl space is crucial to prevent mold growth. Mold remediation companies offer mold removal services in Florida to eliminate mold growth and restore your home.

Service Areas

Regency DRT provides mold remediation, mold removal and mold cleaning services in the following   locations:

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