Regency DRT has EPA Approved Product to Disinfect against Coronavirus

Regency DRT has EPA Approved Product to Disinfect against Coronavirus

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – March 20, 2020
Regency DRT, a nationally recognized leader in emergency services, is utilizing an EPA approved N list product to help local businesses, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, hospitals, and others in the fight against Corona-virus.

When Scott Stamper, President of Regency DRT, initially heard about COViD-19, commonly referred to as Corona-virus, he immediately knew his company had a product to help companies deal with this quick spreading virus.  “Our SteraMist product is highly effective for combating viruses such as Staph, Pseudomonas, MRSA, C. diff, Influenza A, and now, COViD-19, Corona-virus,” said Stamper.  “This is a high-level disinfectant and a powerful technology in fighting, reducing and eliminating the spread of bacteria and viruses.”

There has already been a case study to confirm the product’s effectiveness, in addition to the EPA’s approval placing SteraMist and Bit Solution on the EPA’s list for approved Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. Several weeks into the emergence of the corona-virus (CoViD-19), a hotel room in the UK played host to two corona-virus patients. Once the room in question had been emptied, immediate and thorough decontamination was required as quickly as possible. A SteraMist® provider in the UK decontaminated the room.  After a successful application of SteraMist®, the room was returned back to operational order. Requiring an enzyme indication of a 6-log inactivation to consider the treatment valid, an outstanding 9-log inactivation was instead shown across the board. The application had been a resounding success.

According to the CDC, while the best method of corona-virus infection prevention is to wash hands with soap and water, avoid kissing and touching eyes, noses, or mouths, and avoid close contact with those who are sick, Stamper said it’s also important to thoroughly disinfect high-touch areas of businesses, including hand rails, door knobs, counter tops, bathrooms, and furniture. 

“Our highly trained and certified technicians can effectively complete a treatment with little down time.  During the last few days, we successfully completed the disinfection for a client with 6 assisted living facilities. The facilities were located from Pensacola to Coconut Creek.   Regency successfully was able to complete the high touch disinfection of a total of 610,000 square feet in 2 days.  For several years now, we made a decision to inventory more surface SteraMist units than any service provider in the southeast. Today, more than ever, that decision is truly benefiting our clients.”

“The Regency team was both quick and efficient in protecting and disinfecting our building, said Maintenance Director Bill Sargent of YourLife of Coconut Creek, one of the 6 facilities Regency completed this week.  “They were also very accommodating, working around our residents and their schedules.  It was such a pleasure to work with this company.”

SteraMist does not contaminate the environment with any toxic by-products, needs no wipe, no rinse and leaves no residue and does not require heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems to be off. It is safe to be directly applied to electronics, fabrics, and more.

For more information about Regency DRT and their SteraMist system, contact Sales Director Mark Broersma  at 1 (888) 354-2447, email him at or visit our website at

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