Regency DRT Gears Up for 2024 Hurricane Season

Weather experts are already sounding alarms for the 2024 Hurricane Season. The return of La Niña, coupled with historically warm waters across the Atlantic Ocean, raises concerns for potentially severe storms ahead. At Regency DRT, we understand the importance of being prepared, not just for our daily clients but also for the communities we serve in times of crisis.

To ensure we’re equipped to handle the challenges the hurricane season may bring, we’ve taken proactive steps to bolster our resources and strengthen our capabilities:

Expanding Equipment Inventory: Regency DRT has expanded its water drying equipment inventory, adding to our already substantial stock. With an extensive inventory of air movers, dehumidifiers, large desiccants for drying commercial buildings, and generators, we are equipped to respond swiftly without delays associated with waiting for rental equipment. This ensures our ability to effectively address storm-related water mitigation needs across the state.
Preparedness Materials: In addition to water drying equipment, we’ve stocked up on essential supplies such as tarps and sandbags. These materials are crucial for minimizing damage and protecting properties in the event of severe weather.
Securing Partnerships: Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we’ve strengthened partnerships outside of Florida to ensure access to additional labor and equipment if needed. These partnerships enable us to mobilize resources efficiently, providing timely assistance to affected communities.
Strategic Mobilization: Our team meticulously plans and strategizes for hurricane season, mobilizing crews and semi-trucks loaded with equipment to heavily impacted areas. Despite focusing on storm response, we remain committed to maintaining operations in our local offices. This ensures that we can continue to assist customers in our service areas even when not directly impacted by storms.

At Regency DRT, our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and communities. By proactively preparing for the challenges of the 2024 hurricane season, we strive to provide reliable and effective assistance when it’s needed most. As we continue to monitor developments and weather patterns, rest assured that Regency DRT stands ready to serve and support our clients throughout the storm season and beyond.