Regency DRT Helps Fund Medical Mission Trip

Regency DRT is pleased to recognize Project Manager Owen Blandford, who will take part in a medical mission trip to Nicaragua, where he, his family, and other members of the community will provide free medical and health screenings for nearly 1000 adults and children.

Scott Stamper, First Restoration /Regency DRT President and RIA Board Member, states “I am extremely proud to have someone like Owen as part of my team. His sacrifice and willingness to help others in need is an advantage to the restoration industry.”

On April 6, 2013 Owen, along with his family and friends, held their annual charity golf tournament to raise funds for medical and dental supplies for their mission trip to Nicaragua. Of nearly 60 sponsors, Regency DRT was among the Gold Sponsors, donating $1000.00 to their efforts.

This year, Owen and his family are not only lending their time to the medical mission, but are also reconstructing the dilapidated Children’s Cancer ward in the neighborhood hospital. By the end of their four day mission, they will have treated nearly 1000 patients. 400 children will also be able to attend a Vacation Bible School. Alice Blandford, Owen’s mother notes, “We realize that we can’t feed the entire world or take care of all the sick people that need medical attention, but we can try our best to help someone both physically and spiritually in whatever corner of the world we find ourselves.”

If you would like to donate to the Nicaraguan Medical Mission Fund, all tax deductible donations can be made using TAX ID #59-2304073 and can be sent to:

Community Presbyterian Church
Attn: Alice Blandford
407 Royal Palm Avenue
Clewiston, FL 33440