Avoiding Wood Deck Woes

Avoiding Wood Deck Woes

Avoiding Wood Deck Woes

Wood decks can be beautiful things, add value and enjoyment to your home. Unless they are ignored or neglected, of course.

Like any surface in your home, a wood deck needs some special care. While a lower-cost alternative to pavers, concrete and other hard surface materials, wood decks are very attractive, especially if you chose a color tone that matches your home and is one you enjoy.

But after a year or two, aging happens and dirt and grime accumulates. Stains as well. You start to wonder what you can do to bring back to life the deck you admired so much.

You can do quite a bit, actually. Just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and put to practice these short, easy steps to revitalize your deck.

Wood deck maintenance tips

The first smart action to take is to keep the deck as clean as possible at all times. Sweep or wash it off with a garden hose on a regular schedule. Debris left on the deck can cause uneven weathering and staining.

When you do wash the deck, let it dry and inspect it. If there are stains, use an oxidizing cleaning product that comes in powder form that you mix with warm water. Do not use chlorine bleach. Apply the solution to the deck and work it over the surface with a brush, allow approximately 15 minutes of contact time, and rinse it all off. The oxidizing cleaning product is similar to what you find in laundry detergents, so it is fairly safe to use. Do NOT use chlorine bleach!

If that doesn’t do the trick, visit your favorite hardware store and ask about stronger wood cleaning products, but be sure to mention the type of wood your deck is made from. That may affect the type of product you should use. Follow the directions carefully.

Of course, your cleaning pros have the best advice on how to clean virtually any surface. Do the smart thing and give them a call!


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