We had a serious water leak, actually flood, and Gaetano and Andy came out within 3 hours of my call to our insurance. They came when they promised, they did exactly what was necessary, and explained it all along the way. Could not have asked for better service. The entire clean up process was easy with them. Thank you guys!!

- Virginia VandeStreek

Gaetano and Andy took the stress out of this whole ordeal for me. They came when they said, they did what they said, it couldn't have been any easier. I don't know if it's possible, but ask for them if you need help.

- Brian Kenny

I called my insurance company late Friday evening for a claim and they told me I had to get the roof fired first. The sent Thomas and his partner (I forgot his name) to my house from Regency DRT first thing the next morning. Their fast service included equipment to dry my roof, pictures of the board inside the attic and a tarp on the roof. These gentlemen were thorough, efficient and polite. Excellent service. I highly recommend them. William Franklin came to remove equipment that was in my home over the weekend to dry an area of my roof. He made sure all was as dry as it could be before removing the equipment. He made sure I had no concerns or questions about what had taken from the time the equipment was set up until it was removed. I couldn't have asked for better service. Thanks William!

- Sharon Johnson

The Regency DRT Contents Team did a fabulous job of protecting our furniture and moving it to climate controlled storage (a necessity in FL). I know that when they return to the furniture to us, after the necessary (due to a roof leak) repairs have been made to our home, they will do just as fine a job. I only wish they'd been our movers when we moved here from Chicago!

- W. Krasnow

My insurance company sent Regency to my home; We live in Brevard county so I was worried. There was no need to worry - Gaetano and Andy were fantastic! They reassured me after my house was flooded that they were going to make sure it was dry - and they did! Super professional, polite and prompt.... Highly recommend them!

- Anna OBrien

Reported my water intrusion claim to my insurance company Monarch National and they same day sent Regency TKI's William Franklin over. Mr. Franklin new almost immediately using a humidity meter that it was concentrated on 2 specific walls and set up fans drying the walls within 48 hours. Thank you Monarch National Insurance and REGENCY for taking care of this matter so quickly in a professional and respectful manner. I recommend both these companies for any insurance and/or water removal emergencies.

- Claudio Naranjo-Florida

Technician Gaetano was at my condo with two dehumidifiers within hours of my call to the insurance company - he was very professional as he took out baseboards and damp sheetrock in my bathroom, hallway, and into the kitchen. He then had an air purifier here the next morning since he heard that I was getting congested. He and his team, which included Andy and another gentleman, visited every day to take readings and make sure all was well. The team always went the extra mile to make sure things here were as comfortable as possible. Yesterday, after more than a week of service, they determined that all was as dry as it could be, and the equipment was removed. I was impressed with their demeanor and high standards! It makes this process of recovery much easier - thank you!

- Estelle Bentzen

Gaetano and his partner Andy were at my residence within a hour. Gaetano checked all my walls with his moisture detector. Andy removed baseboard were needed. Gaetano took pictures of each area and with each picture he gave a written description. They brought in high powered fans and a humidifier. They saw the water but could not determine were the leak was. Andy scraped all the mold, they had to cut sheet rock and Andy was very neat. Both Gaetano and Andy were very professional. They treated my home like it was theirs. The insurance company was contacted and the adjuster came out and determined the leak was inside the outside wall. A plumber was called and didn't come for a week. During that week waiting for plumber Gaetano stopped or called me every day. Both Gaetano and Andy reassured me everything would work out. They kept my kitchen dry so they could stop anymore damage. I can't say enough about these two guys, they are the best. Your company should be proud to have caring employees.They didn't treat the situation as just a paycheck. Thanks, very happy.

- Roxanne Staring

The guys that came to work on the floor leak were absolutely fantastic. Very friendly and seemed to care very much about the quality of the job that they do.

- Alex Belardinelli

My husband and I are very impressed by the work completed by Regency DRT and I am writing about the quality of service provided by Dave and his team on our reconstruction project (due to a roof leak). Dave was right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed, from ordering supplies to helping with the material selections and with other suppliers - his expert consulting services were invaluable and he was quick to resolve any issues that arose. We appreciate Dave's efficient customer service, professionalism, level of detail and accountability which were demonstrated on this project, and the way he conducted business as a whole. We could not be more satisfied with the service and we have, and will continue to recommend Dave and Regency DRT to our family and friends.

- Marjorie Jackson

My husband and I are very impressed by the work completed by Regency DRT and I am writing about the quality of service provided by Dave and his team on our reconstruction project (due to a roof leak). Dave was right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed, from ordering supplies to helping with the material selections and with other suppliers - his expert consulting services were invaluable and he was quick to resolve any issues that arose. We appreciate Dave's efficient customer service, professionalism, level of detail and accountability which were demonstrated on this project, and the way he conducted business as a whole. We could not be more satisfied with the service and we have, and will continue to recommend Dave and Regency DRT to our family and friends.

- Marjorie Jackson

We had a leak in our master bathroom which affected the walls and caused mold in the adjoining bedroom closet as well. We contracted with Regency DRT, our insurance company's preferred vendor, for the restoration. Their project manager for the job, Dave R, was very professional and a pleasure to deal with. He oversaw all the work, reassured us about any concerns, and we are happy with the results. Thank you Dave.

- Dori Kaplan

We had a water leak in our house. Our insurance company sent out Regency to dry everything up, remove the mold and remove the damage. The Lead Restoration Technician, William, was the nicest, kindest person. He explained to us the process and did a great job drying out everything. Ryan, the project manager, followed up many times and advised us of the next step. Mike, the Restoration Supervisor, who took care of removing the mold and all the damage, was amazing. He's the best — took the time to describe everything he was doing, worked so hard for days, cleaned up everything, and was so professional. Regency has an amazing team and did a phenomenal job!

- Andrea Lucas

My insurance company sent Regency to my home after I filed a claim. Although the results of the intervention have to be still confirmed and assessed by the insurance company adjuster, I can state that Tim was professional and answered my questions. He is a good representative for this company.

- AGeller

My insurance company called Regency to take a care of the water damage that happened in my home. They came out quick and took care of the water damage. These guys were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. Gaetano explained everything to me and detail while Andy was setting up machines. They pulled out all the padding that was wet, dried the carpet, and cleaned everything as they went. You can tell these guys cared what they were doing by the way they treated your property and gave us a piece of mind while they were working. After a few days of drying out, Gaetano came back out to clean, straighten up, and move his equipment. I appreciate the work these guys did in my home. I would recommend this company and these two guys to anybody that needed or had an emergency! Thanks guys!

- Jeremy Cummings

I had a good experience with Regency DRT. William Franklin and Edward did a great job! They were very professional and attentive. They arrived on time and explained everything they were doing. Would recommend this company to anyone dealing with water damage.

- Abby

We had a water leak in the line to our ice maker! After getting the repair taken care of, we called our insurance company. Gaetano with Regency DRT came out right away, assessed the damage and hooked up the proper equipment to remove all the moisture in and around the area damaged. Returning on Monday, Gaetano and Andy, removed all the equipment, cleaning up all around and moving furniture back to its proper location. Both times, they called to schedule an appointment, arrived on time, friendly - explaining what needed to be done and why and answered all questions! Efficient and thorough! These young men made a stressful situation easier. Thank you.

- Ed & Peggy Andrie

From beginning to end the service and level of professionalism was superb! I have to give kudos to Roger and Anthony that handled our mold remediation perfectly. I will highly recommend DKI to anyone!


William from Regency came out right away after my insurance company contacted the company. He was very friendly and scheduled follow-ups at my convenience. Thank you for the prompt response and professionalism.

- K. Wilson

DKI was fast and efficient. The personnel that arrived, lead by "G" or Gaetano, were polite and professional and respectful of our home and our unfortunate circumstances. They explained every procedure and piece of equipment and it's use. DKI's representatives were accurate and punctual with their timeline to minimize our water damage and be in and out as quickly as possible. I highly recommend their services in the event you are presented with unforeseen circumstances.

- Clinton B – Florida

Regency DRT did a wonderful job handling the water mitigation at our home. The flood happened as I was headed out of town for business. The Regency team made my wife feel at ease by taking the time to explain each step of the process. They were all very professional and helped the insurance claim process move along smoothly. I would definitely recommend contacting Regency DRT for any disaster restoration needs.


I called my insurance company for a claim and they told me I had to get the house dried first. They sent Gaetano and Andy to the house from Regency and they were here within a couple of hours. Talk about fast service they set up all the equipment and put a tarp on the roof. The guys were very polite and efficient they gave me their cell number in case of emergency. I couldn't have asked for better service I highly recommend them.

- farooq

William Franklin,Joseph Milch,Geff Prosper,and Sasha Bernard They were very professional,kind and understanding.....William and Franklin they explain everything to me in great detail and made me feel comfortable ...I would recommend this company to anyone

- ISLANDE limontas

I have to say that I was a bit nervous when I saw that the ceilings in two of our rooms were leaking rain water onto our floors! I called the insurance company who in turn notified Regency DRT and within hours a fantastic team was at my door! Andy and Gaetano were on it! Equipment was set up, roof tarped timely, and daily monitoring even Through the weekend by Tony was more than we could have asked for! Kudos to you all! Thank you for drying us up! Next part of the ride is still to come! I hope we get just as lucky with the next crew! Thank you!

- Debra Plata

My Experience has been absolutely wonderful, my roof leaked, bedroom was soaked, carpet wet, Regency DRT were sent through my Insurance company. Gaetano & his colleague were extremely professional, they put my mind at ease, using machines to dry out they came back to review my damage two three times, I have also had a severe problem with the tarp on my roof with constant wind & rain, on a Sunday morning after rain all night the roof leaked yet again, within the hour Regency called me and advised me Gaetano was on his way, It really is a tremendous help when Regency were all very professional and helped the insurance claim process. I would definitely recommend contacting Regency DRT , I was fortunate my insurance company used a excellent restoration company & technician. Gaetano...... well done for all your help & assistance. not sure what I would have done without your quick efficient help and reassurance that it would all be alright....... Thank you Regency DRT . Julie Spoerl

- Julie A Spoerl

If youve been noticing mold in your home, I wouldnt wait if I were you. That stuff likes to grow. Disaster Response Team does a great job at getting rid of all of it so you dont put yourself at risk.


The technicians at Disaster Response Team of friendly, helpful, and eager to please. They wantnothing more than to help you get through your problems and will treat you respectfully.


With the amount of hurricanes we have in our area, were lucky to have a company like Disaster Response Team to help with hurricane clean up jobs. Its not something I like to think about but sometimes hurricanes will just wreck the whole place.


Regency DRT did a great job maintaining the water damage in our home. Gaetano and Devin brought in all their equipment quickly and explained everything thoroughly to my wife and I. They were complete professionals and checked in daily. Thanks again for all your help! - The Shear's (West Melbourne)

- Jared Shear

Sherana and the Contents Team were great workers and groovy people!

- Joe Weber

Our condo building had a bad fire and the building is now condemned. My unit had bad smoke damage. The Regency DRT folks came by to remove all of my personal property. The team leader was Sherena The first day Jeff and Janet were there with her. They all were very professional and courteous. They worked hard and quickly. Sherena kept everyone on target and explained to me all that they would be doing there. She answered my many questions and was patient with me. All of this is so important at a time when I was experiencing shock and trauma from the fire and everything it involved and implied. The second day, Janet was gone, and two other individuals (whose names I do not remember - my apologies), were there to help take out the heavier pieces of furniture and finish up the removal. Again, everyone was professional and courteous and they worked hard, making the best use of their time under difficult circumstances (no A/C and a stinky condo). Thank you to Sherena and everyone else that was there. Regency DRT is top notch

- Christa French

I was very pleased with the prompt response by Regency DRT. Gaetano was courteous and professional. Our unit was flooded by a water heater expansion tank failure. After water extraction & drying, Gaetano's reassurance that the problem had been resolved and there was no more moisture left in the walls really put my mind at ease! Thank you

- Brian Harrington

Very professional and helpful REGENTS DKI thank you LUCAS WILL and ANTHONY

- brancatelli

I was very pleased with the drying out professionals that regency dki sent out after my water heater cracked and flooding my living room. William Franklin was especially prompt and courteous, he always took the time to answer any questions and concerns I had. I would highly recommend this company.

- Susan Hill

I had a horrible water damage issue occur in my apartment. Regency showed up that day and knew exactly what to do. I didn't even realize the damage was that bad. Jorge and Tasha went right to work. I was followed up by Bruce who came 3 days later and reset everything. Each time they had their monitors to test everything. Then William came on the third time and explained everything and again adjusted the whole set up again..to get the maximum effect of the machines. They even set up and appointment with the air tester, Mark. He was very helpful as well and told me where the mold was developing and where in the house the air was cleanest. I am very thankful that these guys are involved because they are kind, knowledgeable and very helpful. Definitely 5 stars.

- Al Lehman

After a tragic discovery of black mold in our new house, we were blessed to meet Gaetano and Lucas who came to do remediation in our wrecked new home. They were fantastic. Gaetano called frequently to check on us to reassure us that our problems would be solved expertly by him and his company. Lucas worked diligently to treat and block the mold. This was a wonderful experience by a really caring and capable team. Thank you for your competence and help, Gaetano and Lucas. God bless you!

- Marie Elebash

Sherena was fabulous went over and above to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. Her teams were exceptional as well. She has great leadership skills and positive attitude with the client as we'll as her team. An asset to the company.

- B. Henderson

Contents Team did an exceptional job Sherena

- A Wargo

Very courteous and professional.

- Bruce Barr

Todo queso muy bien, me gusta como huele la casa, Los empleado limpiaron muy bien. Todos bien organizados y profecionales. Estoy muy contenta con el trabajo.

- Martha Ramos

Very professional crew. The crew was conscious of safety of crew and also safety of the child that lives here. They were neat, polite and timely. Any questions were asked and resolved. Very good leadership and the team worked well as one.

- Dan Fitzgerald

You guys did a great job

- Dean Rotchin

Thanks a lot for the great, quick and clean job done taking to storage my 1st floor furniture. You have sent 5 team members and furniture is very heavy. All items were protected prior to placement on truck. Congratulations for the great and professional team you have!!

- Alexandre Silva

Overall the cleaning was good, though they have to come again with machine to clean the floors, very nice and pleasant employees.

- Swapna

Employees were very professional,efficient and did an all round excellent job

- Nancy Smith

After a toilet leak, Regency responded with a mitigation specialist who stayed until 9 pm on Super Bowl Sunday to insure proper cleanup procedures were in place. The next day a crew came to monitor the the clean up for the rest of the week, From this initial experience to present, I am completely satisfied with this company. They are extremely courteous and considerate of the customer who is in distress. When the packing crew came to pack my personal belongings, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of service I was given. They all identified themselves and worked well under the guidance of their supervisor. They handled my delicate items and all other pieces with great care; some of these were family heirlooms.I was happy that it was being stored in their facility. Their service was far superior to any moving company I have had in my last ten moves. I was very thankful that they documented all the packing and when I needed something that had been packed already they were able to retrieve it for me. Thank you. Kathy Vergara

- Kathleen M Vergara

The team at Regency DRT walked us through each step of remediating our condo; they were prompt in answering questions and walking us through each phase of the project. Erica was quick to follow up and answer questions in phase 1 of cleanup. Michael and Horace were patient and helpful with all our questions and ensured the work was completed to our satisfaction in phase 2 of the rebuild. We felt very well taken care of by Regency DRT during a stressful time!!!

- Debbie Branson

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to Gaetano and Devon for being such a big help on a recent flooding in my brother in laws home who has passed away!! I can not say enough about the promptness and courteous service we received. I have never had people be so caring and thoughtful !!! Great experience !!

- Jackie rupp

We had a leak in our roof resulting in a hole in my ceiling. My insurance company had me contact Regency DRT and they came to my home within an hour. Gaetano tarped our roof and then placed dehumidifiers in the room with the leak. Gaetano and Devin came back daily to check the humidity level and removed the equipment when the room was dry. They were extremely professional and personable; they put our minds at ease. I would highly recommend their services!!!!!

- Karen and Eddy Lynch

My elderly parents had a major flood in their condo as a pipe burst in the wall. I live in NY and had to coordinate the repair of their condo from thousands of miles away. Our Homeowners company suggested I call DKI the day of the pipe failure. I called and explained to DKI that my mom has Alzheimers and that it was very difficult for my parents to be displaced. DKI went right to work, (this was during Christmas week) and were able to work quickly to get their home repaired, painted and ready to live in again. I worked with Vincent Thomas who was the project manager on the job. Vincent was available to me any time day or night to keep me updated on the project, and help ensure that things were moving ahead quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend DKI. They are an excellent company!

- Randi Sperber

This was my second time using REGENCY DKI since HURRICANE IRMA, Sept. 2017. I actually had the same technician as before: WILLIAM FRANKLIN. This time with new Tech, Enrique Salon.On time for appointment as told, They Professionally and efficiently took control of my leakages and gave us a resolve that the problem was now under control. Both men are an asset to DKI.


Gaetano and Devin were fantastic. They arrived the same day I called my insurance company. Did a great job putting a tarp on my roof. I would recommend them.

- Rosemary Golick

Upon returning to my home I noticed that my floor was buckling in front of my eyes. My AC was leaking and after calling my AC tech I wasn’t sure what To do. My Insurance Company recommended Regency DRT. Within minutes of the the arrival of Lead Technician Gaetano and his colleague Devin I knew I was in good hands. These gentlemen were professional, courteous and competent. Gaetano explained everything - called and visited every day and showed a kindness that I will always remember. Changed how I looked at this mess. I would recommend this Company and these 2 employees wholeheartedly. 5 Stars for their excellent service ! Thank you

- Anne Wargo

Wow! Great job, very professional! Horace was here a majority of the time and he was amazing. He was very professional and had a great attitude throughout the entire process. He listened to our concerns and was accommodating with every detail. He informed us of when he would be at our home and kept us informed on the progress of the job. He went above and beyond in every single area. We are so pleased. Anthony was here the last two days of the job and he was very professional and followed through to make sure everything was done with excellence.

- Edgar Senquiz