Abandoned Detroit: Dealing With Property Vandalism

Detroit has been in the news a lot recently. Though the city was once a booming metropolis and the center of car manufacturing in America, in recent decades it has fallen on hard times. As car companies have shut their doors and as residents leave seeking new employment opportunities, certain areas of the city have fallen into decay.

There are now tens of thousands of empty homes, and entire neighborhoods that were once busy and thriving are now empty. Those who have stayed behind are left to face neighborhoods full of dilapidated buildings. As unemployment has skyrocketed, so too have crimes—particularly vandalism and arson.

Vandalism Recovery

Though vandals will often target abandoned properties, sometimes they turn their destructive tendencies towards occupied homes and offices.

The effects of vandalism can be wide-reaching—costing the property owner thousands of dollars and creating fear of future incidents. If your property has been affected by vandalism, follow these steps:

  1. Keep your family safe. Keep children and pets out of areas with broken glass—and make sure that anyone else is wearing shoes while in the area.
  2. Call the police. While minor incidents of egging or chalking may not be need to be reported, anything serious should be reported to the police. By reporting the incident, you can help the police track the vandals and prevent future crimes.
  3. Make a list of the damages.
  4. Remove anything that can easily be cleaned. Get rid of the chalk and toilet paper—however, don’t try to clean upholstery or other items if you are unsure about what to do. Improper cleanup may make the damage worse.
  5. Call a vandalism restoration company for help with the rest. They will provide emergency board-up, so your home is protected from further vandalism or theft—and then they will completely restore your home.

Vandalism can be extremely stressful. However, you can take the uncertainty out of the situation by making sure you have experts on your side. Your Detroit property restoration specialists can deal with any kind of property damage—from vandalism to flooding.

By Tim Crain.